GCAAHA was founded and established by Sandra A. Wright. Wright is a heart-transplant survivor who through her own experience recognized the need for a support system. Wright discovered there is an essential demand for implementation of a system that provides various avenues of supportive access for the specific cultural needs of the African American community. Wright has endured the unfortunate experiences of battling consistent complications of comorbidities (the presence of two or more diseases) and systemic inequities of the healthcare system. Wright has firsthand knowledge of how one may encounter feelings of loss, disconnect, exclusion, and empty emotions due to navigating through the process of obtaining treatment for heart disease.

Wright’s unique experience and perspective allows for others facing these challenges, especially in the African American community to connect with her point of view. Wright possesses the ability to be relatable to her clients and impart authentic levels of empathy, understanding and genuine concern of their individual plight.


The Executive Board


Sandra A. Wright

Founder & President

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Raymond C. Wright

Vice-President & Co-Founder

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Shelly L. Mathewis


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Darlene Hamilton