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Serving all people with the (W)right Heart!

Thanks for stopping by! Here's a list of services that we provide. We give special attention to the needs of those at a greater risk of poor health, based on social & economic disparities. We believe that knowledge and awareness are key in helping individuals to make better health choices for themselves and their families. We are guided by ethical principles in our business affairs and strive to be effective in all that we do. Education & information is just one step away. Call us anytime to book a presentation or to have any questions answered! Our info can be found at the bottom of the page.

Education & Outreach

We use innovative methods to present culturally relevant information about heart health in a fun way.

Let's Go Red Shoes for Women

Our Signature Women's Heart Health Initiative

Offering education, insight on prevention, and the warning signs of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women. Equipping African American women with the knowledge, tools, and encouragement to take charge of their hearts, and overall health. Facilitated by our online videos, in person scheduled events, classes, and workshops.

Strength & Courage Network Support

The (W)right Heart Wellness Community Outreach

This program is dedicated to both men and women, especially faced with the challenging circumstances related to heart disease. Through this support service, we offer a network of heart champions giving moral support and personal encouragement purposely designed and dedicated towards giving individuals the comfort of being surround by a village of thriving heart survivors!

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