Ian Feurtado will get you fired up as you follow along with In-Home Metro Active / Silver Sneakers – Michael Jackson Hits (Chair exercise good for seniors or people with joint problems) FYI, this is a fun, but intense, chair workout that will get your heart pumping! If you want a challenge this will do it! Remember to go at your pace for your comfort level. Enjoy!!



10-Minute Guided Meditation for Beginners to Clear Thoughts

Allow Jessamyn Stanley to take you to a place of peace as you listen to her soothing voice, be in the moment and embrace the stillness, quiet and allow yourself to enjoy ten minutes of peace and calm. This is a great mental break and a quick escape from the stress and grind. You are worth it!! This could be most helpful when under stress. To slip away for a moment to self-care and decompress!!


Brooke Brimm is a yoga instructor for yogis over 50 years old. This video is for the person with limited flexibility who wants to stretch and center themselves in the body they're in. Her practice is easy and she makes it simple to follow so you can loosen up those stiff joints.  Namaste!

(Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!)


Balancing the roles and responsibilities of life and the practice of intentional self-care is vitally important to maintain a healthy heart.

Take note of the many key health hazards shown in this video. There are at least ten highlighted in this short ten-minute film.


Watch to see how many you may identify with? Then comment to make the change! GCAAHA is here to encourage you along the way!


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