Did you know that sleep deprivation is harmful to your heart!

Not only is a lack of sleep harmful to your heart. The lack of sleep can cause major disruptions with biological processes such as glucose metabolism, blood pressure and inflammation just to name a few. Wow! So, think about that the next time you party it up for days on end, hanging till the wee hours of the morning. Our staying up to cram for that exam, a work project or chasing that hustle. Remember, the harm that you could be causing your overall heath. Then ask yourself the question what’s the most important. You may think it’s all the other stuff. However, without good health none of the rest matters. Take it from one that’s been down that alley!

I found an informative article on this subject at National Sleep Foundation and posted the link in this blog.

One of our main goals and purposes here at GCAAHA is to encourage you to be…Heart Wise!!

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